In business since 1979, Peaty Mills PLC has built a solid reputation amongst all the major supermarket groups. We have achieved this through our quality of products, our in depth knowledge of world food markets and a genuine passion for food. We supply all the UK supermarkets as well as market leading brands.

We are committed to providing customers with carefully selected, high quality imported food products. Quality of service and reliability are the most important factors of our business. Your complete satisfaction is our objective.


As private label specialists our company name is not widely recognised, but we supply over 100 own label products to all the major European supermarkets. We also supply the major food service groups as well as industrial clients and wholesalers.

Our specialities include canned pineapple from various origins, the best quality canned South African peaches, pears, apricots, guavas and fruit cocktail. We also represent the world’s largest producer of canned grapefruit and orange products. We have a significant juice and concentrate business which is dedicated to pineapple, grapefruit and deciduous fruit products, targeted at industrial users and juice blenders.


We are a market leader in fruits in plastic jars, cups and pots. We specialise in own brand ready-to-eat jelly and fruits in juice. We offer over 30 products in various sizes and formats. The items have been one of the great success stories in retail in recent years and sales continue to grow across the globe.

We are also very strong in sweetcorn products and can offer customers options both under private label and under our own brands. As well as sweetcorn, we are now a major supplier of Indian gherkins and cornichons. Our factory in India is one of the best in the world and produces own brand products for the UK supermarkets.