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Nice Tech’s patented technology is leading a revolution in fruit and a brand-new process that protects the fruit’s essence, nature and soul.

Nice Fruit introduces its patented Nice Tech technology that allows us to freeze fruit, preserving it's cellular structure and organoleptic properties, for 3 years and remains untouched during the freezing and thawing stages.

The new Nice Fruit technology retains 100% of the fresh fruit’s flavour, colour, nutrients, aroma and texture, because we can produce at the perfect moment of ripeness a whole new level of quality is achievable.

Full of availability, full of reliability, full of flavour, full of nutrients, full of life.

Standard frozen Vs Nice Tech


Our quality management and food safety system follows the criteria established by the highest international standards and we work on continuous improvement of its efficiency.

We work to revolutionise fruit with the world’s largest food brands, encouraging better diets with improved quality and making fruit a healthy and convenient fast food. We have improved supply chains to avoid waste, reduce risk and improve quality.

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We can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 50% by producing fruit in the country of origin and transporting just the prepared fruit. Many fruits are transported by air at huge cost to the environment. With Nice Fruits we can reduce CO2 emissions by shipping on boats.

Reliable prices at the origin and destination allows the whole sector to be manageable and stable.

Nice Fruit’s on-demand usage also means no food waste.

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Various packaging options for the Retail, Food Service, Delicatessen, Hotels and Restaurants:

- 1kg or 2.5kg packs - individual servings

- single pineapple spears in foil wraps

- multi-serving printed bags