The Rhodes Food Group - a fast growing internationally recognised company with over a hundred years of experience in the food industry. Central to its philosophy of Quality, from soil to shelf, is the need to be the best in all that it does.

With this comes a particular focus on product quality and customer service. This dedication to quality and service has seen the group grow from humble beginnings to a vibrant, diversified food


Seneca Foods Corporation is an independent, publicly-traded, food processing company. We are a fully integrated producer, having made significant investments in facilities and technologies to enhance manufacturing processes, increase line speeds and guarantee premium quality. At Seneca, we even develop crop seeds and manufacture our own cans to give us an additional competitive advantage. These capabilities have led many of the industry's leading food companies to Seneca to manufacture their products. Our geographically diverse processing plants and breadth of operations assure these companies that we possess the critical resources and means to deliver. Because we are not weather-dependent on any one region of the country, our customers know they can depend on us.


When, in 1909, Hugo Reitzel founded the "Société des Denrées Coloniales" in Aigle, Switzerland, he had no reason to think that his company would become, almost 100 years later, an international specialist in condiments.

Our product ranges Hugo Reitzel are as follows: olives and capers, vegetables in vinegar, mustards and vinegars, ketchup and mayonnaise, salad dressings and other dressings.