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Canned pineapple

Canned pineapple is at the core of our business and we have been supplying European supermarkets for over 30 years.

Our sister company in Swaziland processes around 50,000 tons of pineapple per year and we are responsible for all of their sales into the European market.

We are also partners with the worlds largest fully integrated pineapple operation, located in the Philippines which has the capacity to process over 800,000 tons of pineapple per year.

For many years we have also worked with factories in Thailand, Kenya and Costa Rica.

We can offer all can sizes from 227g to 5kg.

Deciduous fruits

Our factories in South Africa process large volumes of premium fruit that we import to European supermarkets, food service and wholesalers. Our southern hemisphere fruit is known for its exceptional quality, colour and texture.

We can offer peach, pear, apricot, pink guava and fruit cocktail.

Our fruits are packed in 220g, 425g, 825g and 3kg.


Citrus fruit

In addition to the its pineapple production, Swazican is the largest citrus canning operation in the world. 

The main citrus fruits that we pack are white and ruby grapefruit however we also process Valencia oranges.